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FASoft ParEQ is a 20 bands DirectX plug-in that lets users equalize mono and stereo wave files tracks from within audio applications that support the DirectX plug-in architecture. Using this plug-in you can modify the sound of a wave file boosting selected bands of frequencies, eliminating others, creating in this way new sounds or enhancing the quality of bad recordings, such as those made thorough a non-excellent microphone. Using separate settings for left and right channels, the plug-in can "spatialize" the sound for example by enhancing high frequency on one channel and boosting the lower ones in the other. The plug-in settings can be easily adjusted with the mouse using an interactive frequency response window, which also displays the signal frequency spectrum in realtime. The plug-in also includes an automatic instrument tuner. The plug-in supports both 16 bit and 24 bit processing, and uses internal 64 bit precision for optimum sound quality and performance. Being a DirectX plug-in it can be used from inside many audio applications, such as FASoft's n-Track Studio, Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge, Cakewalk, CoolEdit Pro and many others.

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